Do you want to:

• Refine your sense of style?
• Learn how to hold your own in a room?
• Join a network of ambitious, cultured people?

At The Modern Gentry, we take you out of the daily grind and teach you how to kick more goals in life – all with a good drop of whiskey in hand.

No passcodes, secret handshakes or membership rings

Welcome to The Modern Gentry – a new-age society for professional to meet and fine-tune skills ranging from contemporary etiquette to the art of dressing well and dinner party chat.

Being a gentleman or lady is a journey of growth that is shaped by your personal experiences. By hosting regular social events with guest presenters, we want you to meet interesting new people. We want you to challenge your way of thinking. And we want to create a place where you can find answers to the everyday things Siri cannot help you with – like whether that paisley tie is really a good idea, or how to impress at your next work presentation.

Our events canvas a range of ideas and experiences because a well-rounded person is like a well-fitted suit – it’s the small details that matter. Details such as remembering names first time every time and knowing how to select a good bottle of red.

Our Mission

We believe that being a cultured person is not just the secret to success – it’s also the most fulfilling way to live life.

Becoming a modern gentleman or lady is not about where you have come from, but where you are going. Our ethos is that making it to the top can be done with style, decorum and authenticity, and that the journey to get there can be fun as well.

That is why we started a new kind of society, because as entrepreneurs in Brisbane we are continually meeting modern professionals who share this mindset. Gradually, we began to realise that there was not a way for these people to connect and learn from each other.

Through The Modern Gentry, our mission is to introduce you to like-minded people. We keep things interesting by offering a diverse selection of unique experiences so you can shape yourself into the person you wish to become.

Meet our Founder

Clare Sheng

Clare Sheng is the author of The Suit Book, and the owner of The Fitting Room on Edward – a menswear tailor that has disrupted the industry by focusing on education and styling. As well as offering an alterations service, she also teaches her clients how to buy, wear, fit and maintain their clothes.

Since she took over her mum’s small clothing alterations business in 2011, Clare has grown it into a seven-figure enterprise that is now the largest independent alterations tailor in Australia. Her unique approach has seen her win a number of awards, including the 2017 Lord Mayor’s Young Multicultural Business Person of the Year and 2017 Australian Small Business Champion Award in Fashion.

“Becoming a gentleman is a personal journey – it is not a status, but a personality trait developed over time. A true gentleman is not so because of family or appearance. When you are referred to as a gentleman, it should come as an honour, as it is a reflection of who you are as a person.”


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“A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.”
George Bernard Shaw, Playwright

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