How to use LinkedIn Properly – Aug 28

Do you want to maximise your LinkedIn exposure?

In this powerhouse session, Mike Clark will give free insights and advice so you can scale up and stand out on LinkedIn.

Mike returned to Australia last year after having built Europe’s largest and the world’s first certified LinkedIn training company. The company delivered organisation-wide LinkedIn training roll-outs for multi-billion dollars brands such as Barclays, Canon, RBS, Deloitte, and Accenture.

This collaborative networking event is held in partnership with Servcrop. The event includes a FREE headshot from World-renowned portrait photographer Jason Malouin and a complimentary breakfast.

What you will learn:

• Understanding the real POWER of LinkedIn Fundamental principles
• Build a persuasive profile
• Communicate with your target market

Attendees will walk away with a practical LinkedIn profile template and a great headshot!

About Mike Clark:

Mike Clark, the state leader for Dent Global Queensland’s Key Person of Influence, believes that many businesses are standing on a mountain of untapped value and when they invest in unpacking their story and creating digital assets, they begin to create greater levels of influence. Being more influential allows them to move to the inner circle of their industry where they become highly valued, in demand and highly paid – allowing them to create the business they’ve always dreamed of.

About Dent Global’s Key Person of Influence:

Dent Global provides business accelerators for entrepreneurs to help them stand out and scale up so they can use their businesses as instruments to help solve some of the world’s most meaningful problems.

Over 3,000 clients have graduated from our world-renowned Key Person of Influence business growth accelerator globally.

Jason Malouin – The Portrait Store

Jason’s work can be seen on the pages of Entrepreneur, GQ, Forbes, and Financial Review, dozens of book covers and billboards & bus stops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Jason has been photographing ‘professionals on the rise’ exclusively for over 6 years and loves working closely with real people doing great things.

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