Meet our Founders

Tell this duo that chivalry is dead and prepare to be schooled on why being a gentleman will never go out of fashion.

Clare Sheng

Clare Sheng is the author of The Suit Book, and the owner of The Fitting Room on Edward – a menswear tailor that has disrupted the industry by focusing on education and styling. As well as offering an alterations service, she also teaches her clients how to buy, wear, fit and maintain their clothes.

Since she took over her mum’s small clothing alterations business in 2011, Clare has grown it into a seven-figure enterprise that is now the largest independent alterations tailor in Australia. Her unique approach has seen her win a number of awards, including the 2017 Lord Mayor’s Young Multicultural Business Person of the Year and 2017 Australian Small Business Champion Award in Fashion.

“Becoming a gentleman is a personal journey – it is not a status, but a personality trait developed over time. A true gentleman is not so because of family or appearance. When you are referred to as a gentleman, it should come as an honour, as it is a reflection of who you are as a person.”

The traits of a gentleman have always come naturally to Nathan Schokker. Throughout his career as an entrepreneur, his individual style and traditional ways of doing business have, at times, been at odds with those around him. Regardless, he knew these defining character traits would always stand him in good stead.

Now successful in his own right as ‘That Guy’, Nathan knows how to set himself apart from those around him. At The Modern Gentry, he is helping to guide and connect those on the journey to becoming a modern gentry.

“This will surely prove to be the ultimate collection of experiences and knowledge to shape and build any modern gentleman.”